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PostDoc in ecological modelling (Zürich, Switzerland)
The German-Swiss cooperation project „Chicken Creek“ (SFB/TRR38, http://www.tu-cottbus.de/sfb_trr/, not up to date!) is looking for a PostDoc in ecological modelling. The subproject (C3) aims to develop a general understandi...

PhD course: Ecological-Economic modeling – an introduction (Lund University)
Course description Both ecologists and economists use models to develop strategies for biodiversity management. However, the practical use of single discipline models can be limited because ecological models tend to i...

Article alert: Evaluating the Quality of Citizen-Scientist Data on Pollinator Communities.
Conservation Biology, 25: no. doi: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2011.01657.xKremen C, Ullman KS, Thorp RW.Concerns about pollinator declines have grown in recent years, yet the ability to detect changes in abundance, ...

Article alert: Rapid evolution caused by pollinator loss in Mimulus guttatus
Evolution, DOI: 10.1111/j.1558-5646.2011.01326.xSarah A. Bodbyl Roels, John K. KellyAnthropogenic perturbations including habitat loss and emerging disease are changing pollinator communities and generating n...

Call for a Research Assistants (HiWi) and/or a Diploma/Master’s student
Topic: Population Viability AnalysesThe person would be responsible for scanning the published literature and the database, in search for statistical or mathematical approaches to derive information about minimum ar...

Call for a Research Assistants (HiWi) and/or a Diploma/Master’s student on the topic of Dispersal
The person would assist in a) reviewing the dispersal literature; b) retrieving and organizing species-specific data from focal case-studies; c) nalyzing the relations between morphological traits and dispersal capacities; an...

Conference on the Role of e-infrastructures on Climate Change Research (Trieste - Italy)
16-20 May 2011This international conference will address the role of e-infrastructures toward a better understanding of climate change from the global to the regional scales. The main goal of this event is to expose...

PhD student in Ecology at University of Amsterdam
Biodiversity indicators as a leverage point for global economic instrumentsThe aim of a newly established and ambitious research team (with funding from a VIDI grant) is to develop global economic instruments to...

Economic Consequences of Pollinator Declines: A Synthesis
By Dana Marie Bauer and Ian Sue Wing This paper surveys the literature on pollinator declines and related concerns regarding global food security. Methods for valuing the economic risks associated with pollinat...

Symposium: Biodiversity patterns at different scales - from theory to application
The symposium will be part of the 41th Annual Conference of the Ecological Society of German, Austria and Switzerland (GfO) "Ecological Functions, Patterns, Processes" (at the University of Oldenburg, 5.9. - 9.9.2010).The ...

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