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Monitoring Climate Change with Dragonflies published
We are please to inform you that from BioRisk (http://bit.ly/fhhSQn) has published an important outcome of the ALARM and CLIMIT projects, Monitoring Climatic Change With Dragonflies (http://bit.ly/dZVXn8) consisting of 15 res...

Postdoctoral Position in Analysis of Multiple Services Delivered by European Ecosystems
A postdoctoral position is open for two years initially at the CNRS Alpine Ecology Laboratory(LECA1) in Grenoble, France, to support the development of this work which will be conducted in close collaboration with VOLANTE par...

3 Postdoctoral Positions for Research on Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services in Multifunctional Agricultural Landscapes
3 two-year postdoctoral positions are avalible for research on biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services in multifunctional agricultural landscapes. The positions are part of the project “SAPES - Multifunctional Agricultu...

Two PhD positions "Non-consumptive effects among spiders and insects"
The PhD positions are part of a collaborative project between PD Dr. Martin Entling at University of Koblenz-Landau and Dr. Florian Menzel at University of Mainz. Initially, both positions will be located in Landau/Pfalz. ...

Research Fellow in Pollinator and Landscape Ecology
We are seeking a postdoctoral ecologist to join a project on the roles of agricultural practices and land use change on pollinator and wildflower communities, as part of a UK Insect Pollinator Initiative funded project. The r...

The latest European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity newsletter is now available
The newsletter aims at providing information on activities led by the Consortium in the framework of the multi-annual European Environment Agency’s Strategy 2009-2013. The newsletter (December 2010) is available at: http://...

A postdoc position is available in the division of Community Ecology at the University of Bern
Requirements The candidate must have received a Ph.D. in biology with emphasis in ecology within the last years. She/he should be interested in independent research in ecology. Possible fields of interest are: ecologi...

The distribution maps of the species of genus Bombus in Europe released
On 25th of December 2010 Pierre Rasmont and Stéphanie Iserbyt in collaboration with Stuart P.M. Roberts, Denis Michez and Yvan Barbier announced the release of the first version of distribution maps of the species of gen...

4 positions available at Reading University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Pollination Ecology): To work on a BBSRC funded project assessing the impacts of landscape change on the composition of pollinator communities. Closing date 14 January 2011. Furt...

Position in Leeds University available
We are looking for a bright and resourceful ecologist to join a team working on pollinators in urban environments. The 3 year post is funded by the Insect Pollinators Initiative (http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk/pollinators), as part o...

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