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International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems
Place: Brno, Czech Republic 27.06.2011 - 29.6.2011ISESS, the International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems, was initiated in 1995 as a forum to present and discuss the fundamentals, progress and actual ...

Pollination services at risk following declines of Swedish bumblebees
Scientists from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the University of Lund have discovered that the community composition of bumble bee species and their relative abundances have changed drastically over the l...

Article alert: Assessment of side-effects by Ludox TMA silica nanoparticles following a dietary exposure on the bumblebee Bombus terrestris
Mommaerts V, Jodko K, Thomassen LC, Martens JA, Kirsch-Volders M, Smagghe G.We assessed lethal and sublethal side-effects of Ludox TMA silica nanoparticles on a terrestrial pollinator, Bombus terrestris

Article alert: Are pollination "syndromes" predictive? Asian dalechampia fit neotropical models
The American Naturalist 178(1): 135-143Armbruster WS, Gong YB, Huang SQAbstract Using pollination syndrome parameters and pollinator correlations with floral phenotype from the Neotropics, we predicted that

Major study reveals the hidden value of UK nature
The true value of nature can be shown for the very first time thanks to groundbreaking research by hundreds of UK scientists. The research forms the basis of a major new independent report the UK National Ecosystem Assessm...

New Guide on REDD-plus and Biodiversity by CBD Secretariat
The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Secretariat has launched a new guide on REDD-plus and Biodiversity: volume no. 59 in the CBD Technical Series aims to inform CBD National Focal Points and other biodiversity expert...

Tacking climate change: the contribution of forest scientific knowledge
21-24 May 2012Tours, FranceThe conference will focus on the current state of knowledge on climate change and on forest ecosystems, services and activities. All issues concerning impacts, adaptation and mitigatio...

Article alert: The future of plant-pollinator diversity: Understanding interaction networks across time, space, and global change.
American Journal of Botany, 2011 98(3):528-38Burkle LA, Alarcón R.Structural analysis of plant-pollinator networks has revealed remarkably high species and interaction diversity and highlighted the speci...

Article alert: Effect of local community phylogenetic structure on pollen limitation in an obligately insect-pollinated plant.
American Journal of Botany, 2011 98(2):283-289Sargent RD, Kembel SW, Emery NC, Forrestel EJ, Ackerly DD. Premise of the study: Pollination is a key aspect of ecosystem function in the majority of land plant ...

Article alert: Experimental floral and inflorescence trait manipulations affect pollinator preference and function in a hummingbird-pollinated plant
American Journal of Botany, 2011 82(2):275-282Dudash MR, Hassler C, Stevens PM, Fenster CB. Premise of the study: Controversy is ongoing regarding the importance of pollinator-mediated selection as a source ...

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